Convergents perspective of Masscollabs Services

“Convergents” by hwpplayer1 within Masscollabs Services


The operating system and the conditions of software production in our world have been developed so far so good today, when the use of it and production of computers has increased relatively. However, although anyone can be an author, some people should also serve these authors. This is called the “maintainer”.

Running computers without any break and doing the same job tasks freely, in more technical terms, information services are necessary and mandatory. However, producing this with the consciousness of the whole system, not by looking at parts, is the solution that should be implemented in order to prevent the labor to be wasted.

The project I aim is designed as a solution to existing problems.

The admin panels in the existing datacenter service providers or which has been written by Free Software or Open Source companies are working, but far from consciousness of whole system:

For example, Landscape is backed by Canonical but focused on Canonical’s perspective and approved Operating Systems.

Although there are compatibility layers, my criticism is briefly like the above sentence.

Which model we will take as a paradigm will be handled with a dynamic design approach backed by communities. It will work within a plan, but not “write once, then forget”, change it with well design and together within communities.


1. 24/7 support
2. We want more communities to be grown as faster as we can support, and we do not want to make the source code specific to an operating system or distribution, we do not want to rely on a technology such as systemd or any other.

In this context, we want

Writing desktop and terminal, mobile and terminal, web interface and web applications with a terminal interface, but instead of managing it from a single center, implementing the code with a consciousness that will support different paradigms, such as P2P/serverless.

Choosing a starting point, starting with any programming language and application framework and triggering new communities to be builded is our main goal.

For instance python and django works on almost every operating system. Based on this, it is basically coding and writing a single and convergent software system, including to send bug fixes to Django.

Thanks Happy Hacking!(May you have happy hacking)

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