Our Convergence Model

Our Convergence Model

1. Prototype strategy and their licenses

There are many projects in free software , open source and other software world in these days. Implementing one single science theory is a good ability of course. But when you don’t know what’s going on in this universe you make effort unfortunately for nothing. You write same code with same algorithms , same framework and same user interface and there are so little differences between them. So we don’t want that way.

Having prototypes mean using them correctly when the source code is available and using software losing without any details. First Software is a set of commands to computer that we say Do that and do that bla bla and blue screen ! So we need to be awake we need to take care of not to copy a single code from some code base without information that what does it mean and feel what we really need in our life and prepare our strategy and tactics for the software and hardware will be used in our life

Forking is a good mechanism to expand limits of prototypes but we will tell that later

2. Research process for convergence

Like having two personality is disgusting having two or more system interface or user interface is too There is no single answer to convergence like it if you build one application you’ll save time and make more money No this is not what we demand Having one personality and one and well communicated community but there is something like freedom and openness and it is related with Fork mechanism and we will tell it now

3. Responsibility to source code and accountability with 7/24 Support and security services

You know “from the source” motto , if you have source code you may do anything but you are not the single organization so there should be a way to build “source code communication channels” on private , public , virtual and physical places. We want to take care of all forks , derivatives , communities , foundations and companies for that. Forking is a good mechanism but we don’t want to miss any line of code.

4. Urgent Projects is related with “Ubuntu SDK for all operating systems”

Debian said we are Universal Operating System now we are talking how we can serve internet to the world and space and companies make research for that and this is our test to be a real Universal Operating System. To be a real Universal Operating System you need to follow which reality is yours. You need to learn science , art , sport , culture , organizations , societies , countries , regions and any kind of information that makes us closer to the reality or your own reality , this will be your choice

This text is written by me(hwpplayer1) in 4 Nov 2017.

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