How UNIX became our main Operating System

How UNIX became our main Operating System

hwpplayer1: I’m writing this article via GNU Emacs with .odt format

In our understanding each action is a stream in other words “binary stream”. We know UNIX terminology and UNIX Philosophy.

Now let’s get started!

We do not intend to become another company, but we are keen to become a hacker school also. That is why we run UNIX, in other words Free Software FreeBSD, OpenBSD, GNU/Linux and GNU/Linux-libre or GNU and GNU/Hurd or GNU. That helps us to understand how computing done.

In our training program, we do not reject Windows, Mac OS, HP-UX, IBM-AIX or other operating systems, but we have a roadmap.

Our Principles

1. Software should have same convergent interfaces on various devices and operating systems.
2. Our Software will always be free as in freedom, with GPL or BSD style licenses.
3. All Software and hardware production will be done by the core team and committers. So newcomers in other words contributors will feel comfortable and our contributors will have enough time to practice their skills.

5 Tactics

1. Run a virtual machine does not work. Rather than running a virtual machine, we encourage to learn cloud providers, so that will help you to run your own business.
2. For that you will need one or more network connections. Get ready for a fully connected network in your house, office, datacenter, or instution.
3. One or more devices is needed such as a cellular phone connection, one or more modem and router, and maybe a portable laptop which has long battery life more then one hour. So you will have time to fix stuff.
4. I guess you need to sleep well, you need to be prepared to work for long hours, but not doing the same thing for many hours. Short tasks and changing tasks should be fine.
5. Be Free, Make your Own.

Happy Hacking!

Wednesday October 14 2020, Istanbul, Turkey

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